IKL Training Lesson Videos

The purpose of these training lesson videos is to supplement your in-person dojo training, under your Sensei. It is also for those who cannot attend in-person training for one reason or another, they can learn online or from a distance at their convenience due to time zone differences.

Important: This is a continuation of our mission to preserve, promote, and perpetuate traditional Karate and our Shihan Walter K. Nishioka’s Legacy.

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Naihanchi Stance

How to do a Naihanchi stance


Strike training in a Naihanchi stance to develop a strong base

Naihanchi & Uke

Uke (blocks) training in a naihanchi stance

Naihanchi Empi

Key Points and demonstrations of Empi (elbow strikes) training in Naihanchi stance

Zenkutsu Dachi

How to perform a forward leaning stance, or Zenkutsu Dachi

The 4 Basic Kicks

Learn the 4 basic kicks of the IKL system. With step-by-step instructions showing their proper form and execution

Progressive movements

Using progressive movements to increase your speed, power, strength, and endurance

Kihon Kumite2

Kihon Kumite 1 - 5

Basic sparring exercises with step-by-step instructions and reverse angles.

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